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GeoStreets® for Ontario - 2015
GeoStreets® is a premium quality street mapping product. This highly detailed, up to date, vector object map suite contains many topographic layers useful for a variety of street level mapping applications. GeoStreets® is particularly useful for geo-coding addresses to the street level, plotting customer records, geo-spatial location analysis, target marketing, territory allocation, route optimization, network planning, neighbourhood analysis, district planning, risk assessment, demographic profiling, market research, cartographic base mapping, thematic mapping, engineering, development, location based applications, facility and service planning.

GeoStreets® mapping suite includes centerline Street Network Segments with Address Ranges, Street Geocoding layer, Expressways, Highways, Major Roads, Residential Streets, Land Use, Administrative Boundaries: Provincial Boundary (PR), Census Divisions (CD), Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA), Census Subdivisions (CSD), Indian Reservations (IR), Cities, Towns, Communities / Villages / Hamlets, Airports, Railways, Train Stations, Utility Lines, Water Bodies, Water / Marine Features, Land / Topographic Features, National Parks, Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas, Sanctuary, Greenspace, Nature Reserves, Wilderness Protection Areas, Marine Parks, Historical / Heritage Sites, Trails / Recreational Footpaths, Shopping Centres, Health Districts, Care Locations, Military Bases, Financial and Educational Institutions.. GeoStreets® is updated on a semi-annual basis. Clients have the option to purchase data updates and/or multi-year subscriptions. The file is projected in longitude / latitude, as well available in MapInfo tab and ESRI shp.


Typical Applications: Custom Map Production, Cartographic Base Mapping, Locational Mapping, Network Planning and Analysis, Road Network Analysis, Geo-Coding and Address referencing, GPS / Vehicle Tracking / AVL, Mobile Asset Management, Civil Engineering, Utility Planning, Urban Land Development and Planning, Postal Analysis, Target Marketing, Environmental Assessments, Transportation, Mining, Conservation, Trail and Parks Planning, Forestry, Woodlot Planning, Floodplain and Risk Assesment and Graphical Analysis.

Primary Layers:

Residential Streets (Address Ranges, Official Name, Local Names and Traffic Directions) Airports (Local Airstrips and Airports)
Secondary Roads (Address Ranges, Official Name, Local Names and Traffic Directions) Census Metropolitan Areas
Major Roads (Address Ranges, Official Name, Local Names and Traffic Directions) Census Sub-Divisions
Highways (Address Ranges, Official Name, Local Names and Traffic Directions) Counties & Townships (Administrative Areas)
Ramps Parks (Major National, Provincial, Conservation and Municipal)
Railroads Water (Major Lake, River and Creek)
Utility Lines and Sites Wetlands

Scale / Projection / Datum: Latitude / Longitude NAD83. The data set is designed to cover the Province at scales of 1:2,000-1:5,000 in Municipal Areas, 1:10,000 in other Southern Ontario areas and 1:20 000 in other Northern Ontario / remote areas. Surveys have been conducted and produced by Municipalities, Provincial and Federal Governments. Data has been derived from a combination of ground and aerial surveys.

MetaData: Every license has an accompanying metadata document in pdf format, which documents describing attributes in the accompanying tables. All metadata documents are available with the dataset.

Available Formats: MapInfo (tab), ESRI (shp, e00) and AutoCad (dwg, dxf).

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