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Geografx offers an array of Local, Regional, National and International Demographic, Boundary, Point, Vector, Topographic, Postal, Telecommunication Data, as well GIS Software and Demogrphic Profiling Software. Please click on one of the following links / portals for your area of interest:

Demographic Data
Boundary, Map & Topographic Data
Postal Data Telecommunication Data
GIS / Profiling Software
Census Population, Income, Age & Ethnicity Data
Trend Analysis, Target Marketing & Lifestyle Data
Population Projections & Estimated Growth Data
Traffic Counts, Daytime & Workplace Population
Consumer Spending, Household Expenditures
Health Care, Clinical Service, Ambulatory Data
Crime Risk Data, Insurance, Property Assessment
Census Boundaries, Administrative Areas
Street Map Data
Business Location Data
Dissemination Areas, DA, Block, Block Group
Ontario Base Map, OBM
National Topographic Database, NTDB
3D Cartoon City Maps
Postal Codes
Zip Codes / Zip +4
FSA / Forward Sortation Area
Postcode Sectors
Rate Center
Wire Center, Office / Switch Locations
Carrier Info
Area Code, Calling Area
NPA / NXX, Exchange Info
PCensus Demographic Profiling
Vertical Mapping / Terrain Modelling

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