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What is GIS Geografx Information Systems
Geographic Information System (GIS)
GIS is a sophisticated system that allows you to map, search, compare and analyze real world data. By placing household, business, topographic or any preferred data accurately on a map, you grasp the greater picture and spatial context of your information. You gain a better understanding and explanation of your data. You learn if your market is expanding or shrinking, if it is young, old, rich, poor or even what the disposable income and purchasing behaviours are. GIS is a valuable asset to any business, organization, market, industry or government operation. GIS combines computer cartography and the computer analysis of map patterns of real world situations. GIS allows you to effectively deal with issues such as productivity, demographics, site selection, conservation, risk management, tourism planning, market research, real estate development, environmental analysis, economic forecasting, retail marketing, industrial analysis, recreation or urban studies.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are reshaping the business world. Every business and organization has a geographic component to it, which may be mapped. Whether you are plotting customer locations, showing customers where you are located, optimizing your service, delivery, routing or dispatch, identifying and locating prospective markets, analyzing business networks or operations, conducting new sales, fundraising campaigns, analyzing demographics and trade areas, competitor analysis, retail marketing or land use, utility, civil and urban planning.

The most effective tool of analyzing your customers, clients, market, business network and gaining better insight of operations is geography and the use of digital mapping solutions. Companies look towards GIS / Digital Mapping Services to visualize data, reduce operating costs, improve productivity in high cost areas, enhance the quality of customer service and in many ways re-think the way they do business.

GIS Services
Geografx Digital Mapping Services
Geografx offers a wide range of professional consulting and technical services in the areas of Digital Mapping, Market Analysis, GIS Applications, GPS / AVL Vehicle Tracking Solutions and Spatial Research. Geografx can develop a mapping solution to reveal new and endless opportunities to help grow your business and organization. Geografx enhances 'typical' digital map productions with design tools of graphical illustration software packages, to provide a complete and creative service. Geografx strives and works hard to achieve the goals of the client, ensure proper visualization of data and produce high-quality 'good-looking' professional maps.

Geografx has been in the business of providing customized digital mapping and GIS Solulutions for over 19 years. Over the years Geografx has managed to develop a great reputation with its clients for its high-level of craftmanship, attention to detail and quality in digital map production. Our services include, but are not limted to the following areas of specialization. For additional mapping requests please inquire with us. email Geografx .

Custom Digital Map Production
Geocoding Services / Customer Data Plots
GIS / Map Data & Software Provision
Census, Statistical & Demographic Analysis
Postal, Target Marketing and Direct Mail
Store Location, Site Selection & Proximity Analysis
Risk Management, Floodplain Mapping, Insurance Maps
Park, Recreation, Conservation Area Maps & Data
Tourism Route Optimization, Tourist Maps
Utility, Wind Energy, Turbine, Network Mapping
Telecommunication, Rate Center, NPA/NXX, Wire Center
Hospitality, Travel Itinerary Mapping
Postal Data, Zip Codes, Post Codes, FSA Maps
Business Location, Sales Territory Allocation
Trade Area, Market Share
Health Care Provision, Clinical Service Mapping
Estimates & Population Projections, Household Income
Where are we, Multi-Media, Internet Maps
Financial Wealth, Medical and Pharmaceutical Maps
GPS / AVL Vehicle Tracking Solutions
Quick Service, Fast Food, Restaurant, Franchise Maps
Streets, Roads, Highway Vector Data
Terrain, DEM, Base Topographic Maps
Advertising, Brochure, Research, Corporate Report Maps
3D Cartoon Tourist Maps and Guide Maps
MapInfo Professional and PCensus Training
Rate Center, CLEC, LEC Maps and Data
Real Estate, Commercial Property Mapping
Delivery, Service, Demand, Supply Maps
Addressed Data, Business 2 Business Mapping
Elevation, Grid, Spot Height, Satellite
Trend Analysis

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